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Low frequencies

Cinema Low frequencies modules

These 3 different modules are fitted to complete your DKaudio modular screen system.
They are used to create the very system to match with each unique cinema theater to equip.
Of course, a study of your project will be executed by
DKaudio to validate your choices in this range.

DKaudio: E215B42
DKaudio: E315B42
DKaudio: E415B42

3 models are available:
E215B42: 2 x 15", 4" coil.
E315B42: 3 x 15", 4" coil.
E415B42: 4 x 15", 4" coil.

see datasheet
WEIGHT (Kg) : 
see datasheet
Spare parts, accessories:
  • DKaudio: 15B42
    DKaudio: 15B42