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Cinema 3 way screen integrated system

This three way integrated speaker offers a surprising sound reproduction quality.
The low frequency and mid-range speakers are exclusive models designed by DKaudio
The E212-433 delivers a top quality sound, even in theaters with only a constricted space behind the screen (depth 34cm).
This three way speaker comes with passive filtering between the low-mid range and a mid-high range (bi-amp three ways) as standard, which lets you replace the traditional two way bi-amp without having to withdraw lines of speakers and therefore improves the quality of the sound diffusion at a realistic cost.
However, it can be delivered as a three way tri-amp and even, upon request, as a mono-amp with built in passive filtering

DKaudio: E212-433
DKaudio: E212-433

Impedance: 4 ohms / 8 ohms
Power capacity: 1200 / 350 W AES
Efficiency: 99 / 102 dB/1W/1m
Bandwidth: 35Hz à 18kHz
Low frequeny speakers: 2 x 12” - 4” coil
Mid-range frequency speaker: 10” - 3” coil
- exponential horn
High frequency driver: 1,4” - 3” coil
Directivity: 90° x 40°
Range: 21.30 meters
Room size (seats): 30 to 200

1270 x 575 x 340mm
WEIGHT (Kg) : 
70.90 Kg
Spare parts, accessories:
  • DKaudio : CP750Ti
    DKaudio: CP750Ti
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    DKaudio: 10BM32
  • DKaudio: 12B41
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