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Extra flat 2 way screen speaker

Extra flat, designed for rooms of 30 to 120 people, it can fit behind the screens very close to the wall.
The use of two 12” (31cm) speakers, instead of a 15” (38cm) one, a short horn and a very compact neodymium has allowed its depth to be reduced to 17cm.
Despite this, there is no compromise when it comes to its sound quality. This speaker delivers a real cinema sound in rooms lacking space normally required behind the screen.
The low frequency speakers are exclusive models designed by DKaudio.
This speaker usually comes in a passive version (mono-amp.), but it also comes in an active filtering (bi-amp.) version too, upon request.

DKaudio: E212-33 front
DKaudio: E212-33 rear

Impedance: 4 ohms
Power capacity: 800 W AES
Efficiency: 97 dB/1W/1m
Bandwidth: 40Hz à 18kHz
Low frequency speaker: 12” - 3” coil
High frequency driver: 1,4” - 3” coil
Directivity: 90° x 50°
Range: 17.85 meters
Room size (seats): 30 to 120

1200 x 975 x 170/175mm
WEIGHT (Kg) : 
51.60 Kg
Spare parts, accessories:
  • DKaudio: SMC65Nd
    DKaudio: SMC65Nd
  • DKaudio: 12B34
    DKaudio: 12B34