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My early interest in music and sound came by building my first loudspeaker at age fourteen. Around eighteen, I used to treat sound of my friends' dance parties with some loudspeakers of my design and since that time, I am searching the best possible sound quality.
I try to figure out why the sound transmitted and especially its emotional load are so different from one loudspeaker to another, while their specifications, are so close.
After a detour for manufacturing cabinets for loudspeakers and personal high fidelity sound systems from 1980 to 1984, I came back to the sound in 1984: Then I fabricate my own sound system and begin to cover bands playing live rock, punk, jazz, funk, etc.
My meeting with High Fidelity Services and Altec Lansing in 1986 began to bring me some answers to various questions about the sound diffusion. I created my first "big system" a version hosted by the Queen (Club on the Champs-Elysées in Paris), from its opening in 1992 until 2003.

A glance towards more "wise" fields then brings my interest to the worlds of theater, of corporate exhibitions and therefore to the render of human voice and the outdoor dissemination for long or medium range, either for the live music shows (festivals) and other fireworks or big events such as the commemoration of the French Revolution in Versailles (250 000 persons).
Then, I keep on creating sound diffusion systems of various sizes and power, always with the same goal: reaching the best quality of reproduction and transmission of emotion.

A second approach period with High Fidelity Services, which this time had lost Altec Lansing, allowed me to work on for loudspeakers and speaker cabinets especially dedicated to cinema ;
I had a mission to replace (with the best speakers) Altec who was still at that time one of the leaders in sound for film. A successful mission since we have equipped several hundred theaters in France and Europe with products of my design equipped with loudspeakers created with my own specifications.
In 2005, I founded the company "Francois Decruck Audio System" and DKaudio, the company brand with the only goal to apply the best of technology and synthesis of my field experience, in order to elaborate product lines that will have to meet all aspects of sound reproduction. Always with this ubiquitous ideal of broadcasting the whole true emotion of sound.

psychoacoustics or exact science?
I often hear: "We do not all have the same ears", "The sound is a matter of taste", or "Anyway, I don't know anything about that."
So I always answer: "yes, but we are all hearing the same thing", or "That's true, but we have a reference that is what we all hear every day, the daily ambient noise..."
All these everyday sounds constantly adjust our ear and we are totally able, beyond our tastes and habits, our culture and education, to recognize a good quality sound.
The "live" music taught me emotion and I am looking for reproducing this very same emotion in the music trough the speakers.
I am convinced that the field experience, the fact of listening music, sound messages, and even noises on different broadcasting systems and in a lot of  different conditions will never be replaced by the theory, simulations, measurements: both approaches are indissolubly complementary.
Without a doubt, the sound is truly a human science.

Back to reality!
The loudspeaker must both respect what we give it to reproduce and those who listen to it. By the way, to this dual requirement we must add: make life easier for the installer and a easier work for the user.
The speakers are designed by DC audio for being used, heard, viewed and manipulated on a daily basis.
The DK audio products are the true synthesis of more than thirty years of field experience, listening, and using reflection and observation.
A true passion for the sound and the Human kind, and always the striving for perfection.

We believe that a good sound system must operate in a credible and qualitative manner without dedicated electronics (by its own means). we believe that the electronics is often a fig leaf, and in no case can not "magically" transform the sound reproduction of a speaker which has defects in its design.
This statement mainly concerns the dynamic response of speakers and their consistency across the entire audible spectrum.

In most of the cases, the "DKaudio" systems do not need processor to function well. This can however be added to protect the speakers, correct the system or the place's parameters, or harmonize an heterogeneous system (composed of many different boxes); also in cases where the material will be used by non-professional staff or possibly outside of normal applications or usage limits (e.g: rental).
That is why we first of all prefer the speakers able to respect the dynamics and subtleties of the sound, of all the sounds. The same approach as the choice of speakers made us select our passive filter components.
Calculations, simulations and measurements are not sufficient for us. They are often excellent indicators of great tools, but they must be interpreted and validated by listening, by comparison with the source, and used in numerous situations.

At DKaudio we listen much and we would prefer if we had to choose, a system with good listening rather than with good measurements;
Fortunately we do not have to figure out, as the two are reconcilable.
We tested extensively and compared the real differences between a bi-amplified system or sorting and even in passive (this only applies to low-mid-way, and midrange). Qualitative differences are not huge and even often bends towards the passive filtering.

By the way, passive filtering makes easyier the speakers implementation, reduces the cost of the whole system (amps/filters/speakers) and avoid wiring errors or adjustments mistakes.
Thus, all the DKaudio products incorporate a guenine passive filter carefully developed for a "plug and play" use. Only systems with three or four channels and separated elements are bi-amplified.
The cabinet is designed for easier handling of the product; handles, hooks, base, weight, size, docking system on our large systems so that boxes do not slide; each criterion is thought to help the end user maximum in the many configurations that will meet.
As aesthetics can be important, we do our best to ensure that cabinets proportions are harmonious and a more neutral appearance for integration into all types of spaces.
We do not forget the accessories (dollies, brackets, hanging and coupling systems, etc.) always designed for the most practical usage, rapid implementation and safety.
You now understand that our ideal is to get closer to perfection.
Now you can you make your own opinion...


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