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AX5 is an extra-small surround high-end cinema speaker, designed to reproduce surround channels within a 3D immersive system.
AX5 is equipped with a low/medium-frequency 5” (12.7cm) loudspeaker and a 1” Ferrite high-frequency  driver.
The use of a coaxial loudspeaker allows to reduce as much as possible the height of the enclosure and to have a wide circular and homogeneous directivity, near 95°.
This versatile speaker comes with 3 different enclosures to cover all possible common surround configurations with its included braket/wall mount.


Frequency response (± 3dB): 80 Hz – 19 kHz
Usable bandwidth (-10dB): 65 Hz – 21 kHz
Efficiency (2,83 Vrms @1m): 95 dB
AES power capacity: 175 W
RMS power capacity: 145 W
Advisable amplification: 200 – 400 W
Maximum calculated SPL: 117 dB
Peak calculated SPL: 123 dB
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Directivity (-6dB): 95° conical

AX5-0-15: 300 x 230 x176 mm AX5-40-70: 300 x 290 x180 mm AX5-15-45: 300 x 314 x180 mm
WEIGHT (Kg) : 
5.65 / 5.70 / 5.90
Spare parts, accessories
  • DK Audio 5" special
    DK Audio 5" special