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DKaudio's 3D immersive sound since 2013!

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DKaudio: 3D immersive surround speakers for Dolby® ATMOS

According to the standardization of new cinema audio formats, DKaudio introduces you its own immersive surround speakers :
We have been developing and evolving these products since 2013, and now we have a complete range to ensure the diffusion of all immersive 3D ambiance channels, whatever the size of your room.
P8C, P10C, P12C and P15C: high-end cinema surround speakers designed for overhead channels (ceiling) among immersive systems. The enclosure can be tilted either in X or Y way with the dedicated ceiling mount and bracket. Discover more here!
A1010, A1214 and A1514: high-end cinema surround speakers designed for lateral and rear channels among immersive 3D sound systems. They also can be tilted either in X or Y axis. Discover them here!
Acoustic quality, ergonomics, easy orientation and low weight are the main advantages of this range, which is now referenced in the same way as our other products in the official Dolby® ATMOS Room Design Tool.